PanicGO prices from £99 set up + £2.54 per week

Independence with Confidence

Personal Alarms from PanicGO

PanicGO has developed a range of personal alarms for Lone Workers, for the Mobile Elderly at home and outdoors, and for Young People alone in the city or countryside.

  • 24/7 UK Careline monitoring
  • Free remote setup
  • Flexible wearable clip
  • PING location sharing

Personal alarms with an emergency alert SOS button

Linking remotely with your Android smartphone with 24/7 UK Careline monitoring provided as standard. Prices start at £99 + £2.54 a week

For the active young

Flow personal alarms deliver peace of mind for the young and independent as they lead a full and active life

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For the elderly

Sure personal alarms are for the elderly, both active and those who need home support.

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For lone workers

Link personal alarms are for lone workers out in the field or community

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Flow personal alarms provide individualised gps tracking with system support for anyone who may be potentially vulnerable. On your own in the city, on a blind date, bike riding, returning home late at night, working alone. It is particularly suited to the needs of women and younger people.

Its Bluetooth button is light and discreet. Press for 3 seconds and the personal alarm links to your Android phone and opens an alert activation to a 24/7 UK Careline.

What’s more, you are able to raise the alarm without ever needing to touch your phone. And at no extra cost we also include PING – generate real-time location tracking links to share with your friends and family.

As we get older, we become a bit more vulnerable to falls and unexpected health issues. But we also fight to keep our independence and confidence. We don’t want to feel trapped at home. We still want to be in the garden, to walk in the country, to visit the shops.

Home based pendant alarms can restrict the active elderly and limit their sense of freedom. The PanicGO Sure gps tracker personal alarms with 24/7 Careline monitoring gives you the support you need, both in your own home and out on your travels.

Lone workers are the unsung heroes who go out of the office in all weathers and who engage directly with the public. Estate agents, social workers, delivery staff, farmers, technicians, debt collectors, security staff. Their employers have a duty of care for their well-being and invariably lone workers will use a mobile phone.

Nevertheless, a phone alone is not enough in an emergency. A lone worker needs to be able to raise the alarm without an aggressor being aware. By discreetly pressing the PanicGO Link button, the roaming gps tracker personal alarm links with the 24/7 monitoring Careline and the lone worker is no longer alone.

PING your friends

We also provide PING at no extra charge – provide your friends and family with real-time location tracking links whenever you choose. After all, not everything is an emergency. PING helps every day.

Simply press PING on your phone and it will generate a tracking URL. You can send the URL by WhatsApp or other messenger services to anyone in your Contacts list. You can add a voice or text message, depending on your messenger service. Your friends do not need to have PanicGO themselves to be able read your PING.

Tracking your personal alarms

When they click on your link, your friends can track you in real time with location refreshed every 60 seconds. Each PING lasts for up to 30 minutes. Without doubt, it can be a great help if you are meeting up in town. Or if you are in a taxi on your way home. And you are always in charge. You decide when you want to be private. You decide when you want someone to know where you are.

Careline explained

You can use PING to keep in touch with Family and Friends. But PING is not for emergency calls. We believe that the Careline is the best and safest way to respond 24/7 to an emergency.

Moreover, most emergency calls happen at night and Friends and Family are often not best placed to respond immediately. We include 24/7/365 Careline provision by Harrow Careline as a standard part of our subscription package for all PanicGO gps tracker alarm systems. It is one of the features which makes PanicGO so unique. Monitoring charges start from £2.54 per week equivalent.

We are accredited with Enovation, an international provider of secure call centre platforms, and we now incorporate their UMO technology to link Harrow Careline to our secure database.

Harrow Careline

In order to ensure the best service delivery, we have integrated PanicGO with Harrow Careline, an Enovation partner within the UK which delivers through the UK Telecare Services Association Standards. The Telecare Services Association accredits their service which they audit and certify against the Quality Standards Framework. Last year in customer satisfaction surveys, 98.37% of clients indicated they were satisfied with the service.