Stay safe with our range of gps tracker alarms for lone workers, seniors and individuals at risk.

Three monitoring options provide flexibility to protect yourself, family, friends and staff. So, enjoy freedom and independence, with the support of PanicGO always keeping track of you.

How it works

There are three different PanicGO gps tracker alarm systems. Firstly, Lone Worker. Secondly, Solo for individuals at risk. Thirdly, Senior for the active elderly.

All use the same small and light-weight control button which links to your Android phone. (iOS versions for Apple phones are coming, but are not yet available.) There are three wearing options. First, the button’s self-adhesive pad sticks to the rear of an ID badge or to any smooth surface. Alternatively, in its clip it attaches to a key ring or bag. Finally, it can just sit in your pocket.

The button controls your phone silently and remotely, and converts it into an alarm system when necessary. Either it links to a call centre (Careline or employer’s own). Or it goes direct to your own friends or family. It uses long range Bluetooth (up to 50 metres), and its replaceable battery lasts for up to 3 years. Simply download the free PanicGO app to your phone from our site, link to the button, and continue to use your phone as normal. The app works continuously in the background, and comes to life whenever the button is pressed and help is required.

Lone Worker gps tracker enables employers to fulfil their duty of care to staff who work out in the field. With an alarm button attached to the rear of their ID badge, help is always available and can be called without alerting the aggressor. No cost of an extra SIM card is required. Compatible both with existing call centres or employer’s own in-house cover arrangements. Available early in 2021.

Solo is due for release in Spring 2021. It provides support for anyone who may be potentially vulnerable – on a blind date, bike riding, away from home on a gap year. You can nominate friends or family as your “watchers” on their own mobile phones, or you can buy cover from a Careline call centre. You can discreetly call for help without needing to touch your phone. Available soon.

personal gps tracker
gps tracker for elderly

Senior is similar to Solo in that its user can call for help without touching their phone – it could be in their pocket or elsewhere in the room. But Senior has an additional feature. It responds to multiple buttons located at strategic locations throughout the user’s home. Maybe in the bathroom, by the bed, or wherever the user needs them, the buttons send their messages to a central hub. Available in Spring 2021.

Three Key Questions

What are the values of your company’s product?

We have 3 quite different products, but they share a common set of values. Lone Worker is for staff who have meetings out in the field and who may be at risk. They are looked after by their employer’s call centre. Solo covers everyone who might be on a blind date or coming home late at night, and they can designate friends or family as their watchers. And Senior is for anyone who needs support and contact with a carer or family member. Multiple Senior buttons can be located throughout the home, as well as providing mobile cover in the garden or at the shops. The values which link all PanicGO products are that they provide independence, mobility, reassurance, simplicity, support and confidence. Our systems need no specialist expertise. They reduce dependency and vulnerability and empower people to live their lives to the full.

How do you respect people’s privacy?

This is not a simple question. Our gps tracker alarms collect a lot of information about your movements and the places you visit. That is why criminals do not carry a PanicGO! Yet you invite us to collect this information. That’s because we need to get help to you whenever you need it. Therefore we have a duty to keep it safe. So we use 3 separate server systems to minimise any unauthorised access. Email is restricted to a server in Yorkshire UK. The main database and website is controlled from a server in Nottinghamshire UK.

And finally, we offer a choice of secure subscription payment providers – bank direct debit (GoCardless), PayPal, or Stripe (credit or debit card provider) to manage all the financial data, using advanced levels of encryption. We keep all call and movement records, plus voice files, for up to 2 years in case of police requests only. Then they are deleted. And above all, PanicGO does not sell or release your data to third parties for any reason other than at the request of the police or courts.

Why do you use a subscription model? Why do you not sell your buttons?

First, we provide one button per user free of charge, including delivery. Additional or replacement buttons are chargeable. Second, our app download is also free. All user data for the gps tracker alarm feeds through to our dedicated server. Consequently, we charge a subscription for access to that server. In order to set up the system you pay for a minimum of 4 months’ initial service, and thereafter you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

You are able to cancel at any time after the initial service period by giving one month’s notice. We believe that this gives confidence to the customer that they are not going to be stuck with a contract, or with expensive equipment. It spreads the cost for the customer. And it allows us to build a long-term, supportive relationship with our customers and users.