Feel safe.

Use the PanicGO range of gps tracker personal alarms – lone workers, seniors or individuals out on their own.

We provide professional Careline 24/7/365 personal alarm monitoring at no extra cost to anyone who may feel to be at risk. We have added PING location reveal for everyday support as part of the inclusive package.

During 2022 PanicGO will release 2 personal gps tracker protection systems – Solo and Senior.

Both gps tracker personal alarm systems monitor your safety 24/7 via the UK Harrow Careline call centre, included for one year at no extra cost. For yourself, family, friends, employees – enjoy freedom and independence. PanicGO systems – always watching your back.

How it works

Two different PanicGO gps tracker personal alarm systems will launch during 2022. In July, Solo will be available for individuals who may feel to be at risk, such as lone workers, or someone out on a date, or riding out in the country. Then in October, Senior will launch for the active elderly who need flexible support both at home and out and about.

Both systems use the same small and light-weight Bluetooth control button which links to your Android phone. There are three wearing options. You could stick the button’s self-adhesive pad to the rear of an ID badge or to any smooth surface. Or, in its clip, it attaches to a key ring or bag. Or you can just tuck it in your pocket or bag.

Discreet button control

The button is silently and remotely in contact with your Android phone. When necessary, the Bluetooth button converts your phone into a discreet alarm system. Included at no extra charge is 24/7/365 call centre monitoring by the UK Harrow Careline. Simply download the PanicGO app to your phone from our site, link to the button, test the call centre connection, and continue to use your phone as normal. The app works continuously in the background without affecting normal phone usage. It comes to life only when you need it. Press and hold the button for 6 seconds, and the Careline is alerted.

personal gps tracker

Solo will release in July 2022. It provides support for anyone who may be potentially vulnerable – on a blind date, bike riding, working alone. We include 24/7/365 monitoring by a UK Careline call centre in the annual price. You can discreetly raise help without needing to touch your phone. At no extra cost, we also include PING – generate real-time location tracking links to share with your friends and family.

Senior is similar to Solo in that the user can call for help without touching their phone – it could be in their pocket or elsewhere in the room. But Senior has an important extra feature. It responds to multiple buttons located at strategic locations throughout the user’s home. Maybe in the bathroom, by the bed, or wherever the user needs them, the buttons send their messages to a central hub. So wherever you are, out at the shops, in the garden, or home indoors, Senior provides monitoring support. Available in October 2022.

gps tracker for elderly

We also provide PING at no extra charge – provide your friends and family with real-time location tracking links whenever you choose. Not everything is an emergency. PING helps every day.

Simply press PING on your phone and it will generate a tracking URL. You can send the URL by WhatsApp or other messenger services to anyone in your Contacts list. You can add a voice or text message, depending on your messenger service. Your friends do not need to have PanicGO themselves to be able read your PING.

When they click on your link, your friends can track you in real time with location refreshed every 60 seconds. Each PING lasts for up to 30 minutes. It can be a great help if you are meeting up in town. Or if you are in a taxi on your way home. And you are always in charge. You decide when you want to be private. You decide when you want someone to know where you are.

Careline explained

Careline provision is included as standard for both Solo and Senior. It is one of the features which makes the PanicGO systems so unique.

We include 24/7/365 cover by Harrow Careline, a professional UK emergency call centre and support service, as a standard part of our PanicGO package. We accredited successfully with Enovation, an international provider of secure call centre platforms, and we now incorporate their UMO technology in partnership with Harrow Careline.

Harrow Careline

We have integrated PanicGO with Harrow Careline, an Enovation partner within the UK which delivers through the UK Telecare Services Association Standards. The Telecare Services Association accredits their service which they audit and certify against the Quality Standards Framework. Last year in customer satisfaction surveys, 98.37% of clients indicated they were satisfied with the service.

Help needed?

If ever you need help, press and hold the PanicGO button for 6 seconds. It opens an alert call to the staff at Harrow Careline. They are able to see your location on screen and to see your contact details. If your phone is within earshot, they can talk to you through the phone’s speaker and microphone. The Careline staff will decide how best to resolve the situation, and whether the emergency services or friends and family should be contacted.

When you first set up your PanicGO system, you will make a test call to the Careline so you can be sure that everything is working.


But most people use their PanicGO system for help with everyday problems. It doesn’t need to be an emergency. Use our PING system if you are stuck in traffic, or getting in a taxi on the way home, or meeting a friend in town. This does not involve the Careline. With PING you can send a location reveal to anyone in your Contacts list. It updates every 60 seconds for 30 minutes and your friend can see just where you are from their own phone.

With PING for everyday use, and the Careline for emergencies, PanicGO has got you covered.

Two Key Questions

What does my payment include?

An essential part of our system is the monitoring function of the Careline call centre. PanicGO is both a product and a service to be provided over months and years. All our clients receive one button free of charge, including delivery. We charge for additional or replacement buttons. Our app download is also free. All user data for the gps tracker alarm feeds through to our dedicated server which is also included in the annual subscription. There is no one-off connection charge. Everything is included in the initial payment charge which provides our service for 12 months. UK subscribers can phase this charge over 3 equal payments at no extra cost as provided by PayPal Pay in 3 with zero interest.

Towards the end of your annual contract, we will contact you by email to offer a renewal for another year. There is no obligation to renew, but we aim to build a long-term, supportive relationship with all our customers and users.

How do you respect people’s privacy?

This is not a simple question. Our gps tracker alarms collect a lot of information about your movements and the places you visit. That is why criminals do not carry a PanicGO! Yet you invite us to collect this information. That’s because we need to get help to you whenever you need it. Therefore we have a duty to keep it safe. PanicGO use separate server systems to minimise any unauthorised access. We keep email separate in a server in Yorkshire UK, and our public facing website is Cloud operated from a secure centre in London. We control the main database and website from a separate server in Nottinghamshire UK.


We use PayPal as our payment gateway https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/personal – a reputable company which has operated since 2002 and which uses the highest standards of safety and consumer protection. PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted. As long as you have a secure connection to the legitimate PayPal site, any information you exchange is hidden from prying eyes, using industry-standard security features. Please remember to avoid using public Wi-Fi for financial transactions.

We keep all call and movement records, plus voice files, for up to 12 months in case of police requests only. Then we delete them. And above all, PanicGO does not sell or release your data to third parties for any reason other than at the request of the police or courts.