Create a gps tracker alarm website video

I will start with a confession. Until a few weeks ago, we had never created a video ourselves. We knew that we wanted one for our website to promote our new gps tracker alarm systems. We didn’t have much money to spend. And we had no past experience to draw upon.

But I was in coronavirus lock down at home, so I had some quiet time on my hands. In the end, 4 videos emerged from the process. I learned lessons from professionals who helped me do the things which I could not do. And I learned from the blogs and articles of others who shared their experience freely. This blog is my own attempt to help others learn from my experience and mistakes.

What can a video do best?

The video should not be a vanity project, a bit of costly glitter. A video can provide something which words, pictures and diagrams do not do as well. Before you start work, decide what are the key stories you want to tell which will best be told through video. We had three stories to tell.

Firstly, all our gps tracker systems are controlled by a small, discreet button to raise the alarm in an emergency. There are lots of gps tracker alarm systems out there, but our PanicGO Bluetooth button is what makes our system special and different. And we wanted to show that. The button was to become the star of the video. No faces or talking heads. No falls or enacted crimes. The button had to be in virtually every shot. This was our unique feature, and it needed to be seen.

Secondly, our research showed that people wanted their tracker alarm to be small. We think ours is the smallest on the market, but that word small is subjective. We decided to show our button against a human scale. So we used a woman’s hand in close up to demonstrate the button in use. Showing is better than telling. Seeing is believing.

Thirdly, we wanted a video which did not rely on the website. We wanted the video to be short and punchy and independent. We wanted to be able to use it on social media or a Facebook advert. To tell someone in 75 seconds enough to make them want to know more.

You can be the judge of whether we hit these three targets with PanicGO Personal Tracker Alarm. In my next blog, I will explore how to scope the budget for your own video.