Feel safe.

Gain independence and confidence with Senior gps tracker personal alarm including 24/7 Careline monitoring. Supports the active elderly both at home and outdoors.

Planned for launch in October 2022. Easy set up with multiple button control. Flexible monitoring options include carers, family, friends and call centre – you can decide. Enjoy the reassurance that help is there when you need it, and live your life to the full.



Senior by PanicGO is a gps tracker personal alarm for elderly users who enjoy their active freedom and independence. Careline 24/7 monitoring is included. PanicGO Senior raises the alarm at the touch of a button. The button links to your Android mobile phone and provides you with cover, both inside at home or whenever you are outside. Perhaps you are out shopping, taking a walk or enjoying the garden.

Senior provides extra cover within your own home. Instead of only one control button linked to your mobile phone, Senior links to multiple buttons located strategically throughout the house. The buttons are splash-proof. Use the self-adhesive pad to place them by the WC, the bath, the bed, on the arm of a chair, wherever you might need to be in contact. The signals from these buttons are collected by a receiver in the house providing excellent coverage. With Senior you have a system which supports you both outside the house via your mobile, and inside via the buttons.

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How to use

With Senior, 24/7 cover from a UK Careline monitoring is provided round the clock as a standard part of the subscription package. We use a TSA accredited call centre for our Careline option. Or, at no additional charge, you can arrange for a carer, family or friends to be your “watchers”.

Senior provides you with several control buttons to use inside the house or beyond. The button is small, light and discreet. It comes with a clip which attaches to a key ring, bag or belt. Its self-adhesive pad will attach to most surfaces. In the event of a problem, the button can be pressed discreetly to raise the alarm. And Senior works not just to raise the alarm. Double click the button to generates a URL map page. This can be sent to your family, carer or friends, so they can see where you are.

How does your gps tracker for elderly users work ?

The PanicGO Senior gps tracker for elderly and active users is based on an app. This app works continuously in the background of your Android mobile smartphone, or through the receiver in your own house. You continue to use your phone as normal, and for most of the time the only sign of activity is a small logo at the top of the screen.

Every 15 minutes the phone will silently send a GPS location message to the PanicGO server. Whenever the user clicks or presses and holds the button, an updated location is provided to the server. Before heading out, the user can leave a voice message on the server for any of the “watchers”. “Watchers” can, with appropriate permissions, track the movements of a Senior user and they can speak to the user whenever is appropriate.

Technical – Senior gps tracker for elderly

The PanicGO Senior system currently runs only on smartphones running Android versions 5.0 to 12.0 inclusive, and with Bluetooth 4.0 and upwards. Do not block Caller ID. Then link your new dedicated PanicGO Bluetooth Buttons.

The phone of the Senior user must not be on a PAYG contract which could run out of credit and stop working. It is essential that you maintain the batteries in both the phone and the button. To help with this, the PanicGO Senior Back Office monitors the battery levels, both in the lone worker’s phone and in their button. No special technical skill is required to set up the system. If you can download an app and set up wifi, then you can sort it out yourself. And if you can’t, then plenty of people will be happy to help!

PanicGO Senior is undertaking its technical development and field testing and should be ready for release by October 2022.

Subscriptions for Seniors

We do not sell the ownership of our Senior system. Rather we provide a subscription service which links the different elements together. This provides you with significant savings as the user. You provide the existing Android phone and SIM card and you nominate your “watchers”. We provide the buttons, the controlling app, the 24/7 Careline monitoring service, and the tracking server. All this is covered by the subscription.

Please note the distinction between tracking which is simply electronically following your location, and monitoring which involves a human at the Careline. Senior is planned for release in October 2022.

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