Feel safe at work

PanicGO Link is for lone workers. Anyone who is away from the office is potentially at risk – estate agents, social workers, care staff, farmers, deliverers, security staff.

Link is a roaming gps tracker personal alarm with 24/7 Careline monitoring. Its emergency alert SOS button, combines with PING tracker link via WhatsApp.

Prices start at £99 + monitoring package.

A lone worker gps alarm system is essential for all out-reach businesses. Lone workers are the unsung heroes who go out of the office in all weathers and who engage directly with the public. Estate agents, social workers, delivery staff, farmers, technicians, debt collectors, security staff. Their employers have a duty of care for their well-being and invariably lone workers will be provided with a mobile phone.

But a phone alone is not enough in an emergency. A lone worker needs to be able to raise the alarm without an aggressor being aware. By discreetly pressing the PanicGO Link button, the roaming gps tracker will link with the 24/7 monitoring Careline and the lone worker is no longer alone.

Link connects via your Android phone to a 24/7 Careline call centre. The SOS push control Bluetooth button provided by PanicGO discreetly raises the alarm without alerting a potential aggressor.

Please note that Apple (iOS) phones are not compatible with PanicGO Link. This system is designed specifically for the Android operating system.

Plus you can use PING to provide real-time location reveal for everyday contact with Family and Friends and Office Contacts. Not just in an emergency. Stay in touch and be in control. Be private when you want to be. Share your location whenever you want. Feel confident with PanicGO Link.

How much does


We believe that PanicGO Link offers the most cost effective and advanced lone worker gps alarm system on the UK market.

We charge £99 for the supply of the SOS Bluetooth alarm control button which links remotely to your own Android smartphone. This price includes remote installation by our own engineers, and free delivery by Royal Mail First Class anywhere in the UK.

We also charge an ongoing subscription which covers the use of the app, the monitoring server, the 24/7 Careline call centre, and the PING location reveal which links to the contacts in your WhatsApp or other messenger services.

All PanicGO Link subscriptions include 24/7 monitoring with a professional UK Careline as standard. We do not believe that 24/7 monitoring can be effectively and safely maintained on a Friends and Family or Office basis alone. Monthly monitoring charges start as low as £10 per month equivalent.

PanicGO systems also include as standard its PING location reveal system which can be shared with anyone in your WhatsApp or other messenger address book.



Link is the lone worker gps alarm system developed by PanicGO. We all need support from time to time, but we never know quite when. Subscribe to a Link system, and you will receive a Bluetooth alarm button and holding clip by First Class post, together with a user guide. Ring us on the number provided in the user guide, and we will set up the PanicGO Link app for you onto your Android mobile phone. We will pair the button with your phone and show you how to run a test call with the Careline. That’s all it takes to set up your personalized monitoring service.

Most people have their mobile phone consistently with them, or in the same room. PanicGO Link works for them. We recommend that you regularly carry your PanicGO button with you. It is small, light and discreet. It comes with a clip to attach it to a key ring, bag or belt. Its self-adhesive pad attaches to most surfaces such as the rear of an ID badge. The button just needs to be in Bluetooth range of your Android phone – up to 50m outdoors line of sight and 10m indoors. If you feel at risk, you can raise the alarm by pressing the button discreetly for 6 seconds. Your aggressor need not know, but your Careline will know.

How to use


Not everything is an emergency. Link supports you 24/7, but PING actively reaches out for you throughout the day. PING enables you to arrange for family or friends or office colleagues to be your “watchers”, or just to know where you are. Simply press PING on your phone and it will generate a tracking URL. You can send the URL by WhatsApp or other messenger services to anyone in your Contacts list. You can add a voice or text message, depending on your messenger service. Your Contacts do not need to have PanicGO themselves to be able to read your PING.

When they click on your link, your Contacts can track you in real time with location refreshed every 60 seconds. Each PING lasts for up to 30 minutes. It can be a great help if you are meeting up in town. Or if you are in a taxi on your way home. And you are always in charge. You decide when you want to be private. You decide when you want someone to watch your back.