Keep your team safe with lone worker gps tracker alarms.

Use mobile monitoring. Fulfil your legal duty of care. Organise meeting management functions by simple button control. We designed PanicGO to BS8484 standards. Use either employer’s own call centre, or TSA Platinum accredited UK Careline.



Lone Worker gps tracker is the version of PanicGO for lone workers out in the field. Employers of lone workers subscribe to PanicGO and receive the necessary number of alarm buttons and clips. Lone workers stick the button to the reverse of their ID badge. Next, they download the app from our site onto their Android mobile phones. Then the button pairs with the phone and activates the system. No specialist technician set up is necessary.

If the employer wishes to use their own call centre provision, no problem. This then works for monitoring or alarm receiving purposes. Alternatively, the system can link to a UK Careline for monitoring services. We use a TSA Platinum accredited call centre for our Careline option.

The lone worker’s phone contract must not be one where it closes down if it runs out of credit. PanicGO’s only charges are to the employer for service provision and optional monitoring. If you are a lone worker, but without an employer, then the Solo system is the version for you.

lone worker gps tracker

How to use your lone worker gps tracker

Most lone workers choose to attach their button to the rear of their ID badge using the self-adhesive pad. That way the button is always with you. Press it discreetly and you can avoid aggravating further a difficult situation. Buttons come with clips which can attach to a key ring or loop.

But the button is not just to raise the alarm. The meeting function allows you to single click on arrival at a meeting. A voice message is left to explain any special location or other circumstances. On 99% of visits all is well, and at the end of a meeting this is indicated by a double click of the button.

Throughout the normal day, tracking supports the lone worker, but on those rare occasions when something goes wrong, the button can be pressed for 6 seconds to raise the alarm. The call centre knows where you are and a silent call opens on your phone so that the monitoring centre can listen to what is happening.

How does tracking work ?

The PanicGO tracker app works continuously in the background of your Android mobile smartphone. You continue to use the phone as normal. For most of the time the only sign of activity is a small logo at the top of the screen. Every 15 minutes the phone silently sends a GPS location message to the PanicGO server.

Whenever the user clicks, double clicks, or presses and holds the button, an updated location is provided to the server. If the location is complex, such as a multi-storey building, a voice message is lodged on the server. In the event of an alarm activation, the monitoring call centre becomes involved and a silent call opens on the user’s phone so that the call centre is able to listen to what is happening. The call centre speaks to the lone worker if it is considered safe to do so.

The call centre may be operated by the employer, who will be able to locate and monitor staff in the field. If the call centre is operated by a Careline, they will intervene in the event of an emergency.

lone worker gps tracker
lone worker gps tracker

Lone worker gps tracker – Technical

The PanicGO system runs only on smartphones running Android versions 5.0 to 10.0 inclusive. It requires Bluetooth 4.0 and upwards, and with Caller ID not blocked. The dedicated PanicGO Bluetooth Button links to the phone.

The phone of the lone worker must not be on a PAYG contract which could run out of credit. It is essential that batteries are maintained in both the phone and the button. To facilitate this, the PanicGO Back Office provides for monitoring of battery levels, both in the lone worker’s phone and in their button.

The system has been developed to meet BS8484 standards, but full accreditation relies upon using an official ARC to receive any alert calls. As we allow the employer to use their own call centres, this means that BS8484 compliance is not fully possible. We use TSA Platinum accredited call centres for our Careline option, but we can advise employers how full monitoring functions can be achieved in their own call centres with a dedicated desk top PC and phone line, hence minimising costs.


We provide a subscription service which links the different components together. As a result, we deliver significant cost savings. Already, you provide  the phones and SIM package and possibly the call centre. No need to duplicate those. So we just provide the buttons. Plus the controlling app. And finally, the server which monitors lone workers 24/7.

We package each PanicGO Lone Worker system to meet the specific requirements of each employer. The exact cost depends upon the options selected and the number of units provided. As a result, the unit cost per lone worker will be below £10 per month exc VAT if the employer provides the call centre. For further details and pricing options, please contact us on

lone worker gps tracker