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Managed server host

I read the following article in a blog released by CWCS. They provide our server solution. I think it is worth re-printing.

Software for Safety

PanicGo Ltd is a small start-up which focuses on software for safety. Ahead of their first product launch, they needed a hosted managed server solution for their unique software. Here, Stephen Bradbury, Director of PanicGo Ltd, tells us more about their initial business challenges:

“PanicGo has developed a new range of GPS tracker alarm systems. We needed a managed server which would be capable of handling the simultaneous monitoring of thousands of potentially vulnerable individuals. These include lone workers, the active elderly, someone out on a blind date, a gap year student travelling the world. We needed the server to be absolutely reliable, instantly responsive, and capable of storing large volumes of data. And we also needed a server which could grow as our system evolved.”

So, with these challenges in mind, PanicGo set out to find a hosting company that could meet their specific requirements. Stephen says: “We wanted a UK based server, managed to a high standard. A lot of personal data was going to be stored on it. We also have ambitions to expand into the USA. So we wanted a partner with capacity in the USA to meet the requirements of the local market there. We wanted flexibility, a monthly contract, a personal contact, and an understanding that the ongoing management of the server was just as important as its technical specification.”

Managed Solution

During the search, they highlighted CWCS Managed Hosting as a potential provider. CWCS offers a range of hosting services alongside Supreme Support solutions. Discussions began on how best CWCS could support the requirements of PanicGo. “For us CWCS met all the key requirements, and we have not been disappointed since we signed on the dotted line. We were able to discuss our requirements with an individual, Barry Fox. He understood the product and he did not try to blind us with technical blather. Barry was really helpful in exploring the options with us. He stayed with us into the operational phase and he helped us to tweak our software requirements.”

CWCS Account Manager, Barry Fox, assisted PanicGo with their solution search. He says: “When Stephen at PanicGo approached us for their exciting new personal gps tracker alarm system, it was very clear that they had a solid understanding of what they were looking for in a Hosting Partner.  Stephen provided a guideline to their expected use of their application initially as well as their expected growth plans over the next 3 to 5 years. Working with the information provided I was able to provide a detailed proposal giving a clear indication of varying options, across our VPS range, Dedicated and Cloud Servers to meet the expected demand over the next 5 years.

Stephen opted for one of our VPS range to begin with, and moving into our cloud platform as the application user base increases. This will provide them with a reliable, scalable and cost effective solution for years to come.  PanicGo, have certainly built an application that will be of use to many different clients, and I am excited to work with them into the future.”

VPS Solution

After exploring their options, PanicGo opted for VPS hosting initially, alongside BitDefender for added security. Then they added the CWCS Gold Support package to ensure a fully managed experience.

“We have selected a VPS solution as we grow initially with a clear expansion route into Cloud and dedicated server options. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses, and CWCS explained each side of the coin very honestly, enabling us to make the best optimal solution.”

As you can see, PanicGo intend to change their solution with us as their business grows. Here at CWCS we take particular pride in helping our customers to grow their businesses, tailoring their solution to fit their ever-changing requirements. Far from being a “one-size-fits-all” host, we believe that the solutions should evolve as often as the business they are supporting. We can’t wait to see the excellent things that come from this unique start-up in the near future, and we are grateful that PanicGo has chosen us to be a part of that journey.

PanicGO Ltd’s first product to be launched will be their Lone Worker solution. Take a look at the video and visit their website to find out more.

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