Prices from £99 set up + £2.50 per week

Personal Alarm for Elderly | PanicGO Sure

Independence with Confidence

Safety alarms for the elderly at home and outdoors

24/7 Careline monitoring included

Key Benefits

  • Our personal alarm for elderly users works equally well at home or when out and about. Its gps link keeps you in touch when at the shops, in the garden or exploring the country.
  • Low cost operation using the SIM in your Android mobile phone.
  • 24/7 UK Careline monitoring is included at no extra cost.
  • Set up charge from only £99 + £2.50 per week monitoring.
  • Remote installation by our technicians included at no extra cost.
  • Simple lightweight push button to raise alarm.
  • Flexible wearable clip with free delivery.
  • Share your location via WhatsApp/Messenger by PING for family and friends at no extra cost.
  • The best, most flexible low cost alarms for the elderly in the UK.

Best Personal Alarm for Elderly Features

  • PanicGO Sure operates remotely by a Bluetooth control button which links to your Android mobile phone. (It is not suitable for Apple iOS phones.)
  • The Bluetooth range is up to 50m outdoors with line of sight and 10m indoors.
  • The standard cell battery within the button only needs replacing once per year.
  • Your phone continues to operate normally with Sure live in the background both day and night.
  • Professional monitoring is provided by TSA accredited Harrow Careline as part of the standard package.
  • No technician visit or landline connection required. All you need is an Android phone (version 8 or later) with a standard monthly contract.
  • Our engineers will set up your system for you remotely – no expertise required.
  • With PING included you can share your location with friends and family at any time, not just in an emergency.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later with PayPal Pay in 3 for approved buyers.

How Sure Personal Alarm for Elderly Works

  • If you have any questions before making a purchase then send an email to and we will get back to you the same day
  • When you order your PanicGO Sure system, we will organise despatch within one working day by First Class post which may take up to 2 days to arrive
  • When you are ready to install the system, ring our Yorkshire office on 0113 898 0950 and we will check that we have all the information we need to set you up – all installation will be done remotely for you
  • Once the system is live we will invite you to press the alarm button to test the Careline connection and ensure that the best emergency button for elderly use has been activated
  • Once the system is working, we will contact you by email to check that everything is going to plan
  • All you need to do is to keep your mobile phone charged and within range – you can have it in your pocket or a bag or just somewhere in the same room
  • Work out the best way to have your alarm button always with you – most people like to keep it in its clip attached to your door key – it can be on a bedside table at night and then in your pocket during the day.

Lyreco selected PanicGO as Winner MicroBusiness of 2022

Enovation BV is the international call centre partner which has successfully factory tested and installed our technology

How the Subscription Works

  • There is a one off fee of £99 (exc VAT) to cover set up and installation. This includes the supply and delivery of the PanicGO button, the installation of the Sure app to your Android phone by our technical team, and the connection to the Careline monitoring centre.
  • The ongoing monitoring charge starts at £2.50 per week and is inclusive of all server and app costs, Careline call centre monitoring, and provision of PING.
  • You can choose either a quarterly or annual subscription, payable in advance. The cost of an annual subscription is £130 (exc VAT), and the cost of a quarterly subscription is £45.00 (exc VAT).
  • Buyers of the PanicGO Sure personal alarm for elderly users may be able to claim relief from the Value Added Tax if they can declare that they, or the person for whom they are buying the Sure system, is chronically sick or disabled. A declaration form is available on the payment page.
  • The subscriber will be invited by email to renew the subscription about one month prior to the expiration of the system – subscription renewal costs are set at £130 annual or £45 quarterly.

PING by PanicGO

Not everything is an emergency. Sure supports you 24/7, but PING actively reaches out for you throughout the day. PING enables you to arrange for family or friends or carers to be your “watchers”, or just to know where you are. Simply press PING on your phone and it will generate a tracking URL (a temporary web address unique to you).

You can send the URL by WhatsApp or other messenger services to anyone in your Contacts list. You can add a voice or text message, depending on your messenger service. Your Contacts do not need to have PanicGO themselves to be able to read your PING.

When they click on your URL link, your “watchers” can track you in real time with location refreshed every 60 seconds. Each PING lasts for up to 30 minutes. It can be a great help if you are meeting up in town. Or if you are in a taxi on your way home. And you are always in charge. You decide when you want to be private. You decide when you want someone to watch your back.