Personal Tracker Alarms

Personal Tracker Alarms with Careline monitoring

We at PanicGO have spent time developing our personal tracker alarms, testing and updating them. What we have not done yet is to spend much time to develop our Blog. It is about time we did! We have begun to explain our thinking. Our range of personal alarms has been designed to meet the demands of independence as well as safety. We believe that both outcomes are just as important as each other.

Previous systems have, in our opinion, looked too much in one direction. Users of traditional pendant alarms linked to landlines can become fearful of venturing out, even to their own garden, as they run out of signal. Lone workers don’t want an extra piece of kit, and they often leave their panic alarm in the desk drawer, relying on their mobile phone alone.

We have tried to accommodate the human factor into our personal tracker alarms, and our Blog will explain how. If you read our thinking about why Fall Detection is not a good idea, at least for the users, then you will see how we are trying to think afresh about solving the problems of achieving both independence and safety.

Do Fall Detection Systems Work?

Do fall detection systems work? It would be great if they did work, because one in three adults aged 65 and older have a fall each year. And yes, fall detection systems do work. They work technically. But maybe they work too well. Do they work at a human level for the people who need them? Do people who are…