Keep safe with Solo personal gps tracker alarm.

Solo is for individuals out on a first date, out biking, or vulnerable and alone. Your personal gps tracker alarm locates your call for help and alerts your “watchers”. Its easy to use remote control button discreetly raises the alarm. Choose monitoring from professional call centre or family or friends watching out for you. PanicGO Solo provides tracking support to anyone out on their own.



Solo is the personal gps tracker version of PanicGO designed for individuals. We all need support from time to time, but we never know quite when. When you subscribe to PanicGO, you will receive a Bluetooth alarm button and holding clip. Then you download the Solo app from our site onto your Android mobile phone. Next pair the button with the phone and activate the personal gps tracker.

Then you have a choice of monitoring options. You can arrange for 24/7 cover from a UK Careline which will provide round the clock monitoring services. Or, at no additional cost, you can arrange for family or friends to be your “watchers”. Enter their details through the app, and you can choose which “watchers” to use for different occasions. However, if your “watchers” do not respond to an emergency call, the alert switches to the Careline. Then a set service charge is levied. So PanicGO’s only charges are for service provision and for the optional monitoring arrangements.

personal gps tracker

How to use

Most people have their mobile phone consistently with them, or in the same room. So PanicGO Solo works for them. We recommend that you regularly carry your PanicGO Solo button with you. That’s because it is small, light and discreet. It comes with a clip which attaches to a key ring, bag or belt. Its self-adhesive pad attaches to most surfaces. The button just needs to be in Bluetooth range of your Android phone. In the event of a problem, you can press the button discreetly and raise the alarm but without aggravating further a difficult situation.

And Solo works not just to raise the alarm. Double click the button to switch on a 30 minute time-limited “public position declaring” option which generates a URL. This URL opens a map page which you can send to your family so they can see where you are and when you will be home. Or maybe to a group of friends you are meeting in town so they can see where you are. The other users would not need an account to access this information.

How does personal gps tracking work ?

The PanicGO Solo tracker app works continuously in the background of your Android mobile smartphone. That way, you continue to use your phone as normal. For most of the time the only sign of activity is a small logo at the top of the screen. Every 15 minutes the phone sends a silent GPS location message to the PanicGO server. Whenever the user clicks or presses and holds the button, an updated location goes to the server. And a double click generates a location URL.

Before heading out, the user can leave a voice message on the server for any of the “watchers”. In the event of an alarm activation, a silent call will open on the user’s phone. The “watcher” or call centre can listen to what is happening, and they can speak to the user if safe to do so. Users can select which “watchers” they want to keep an eye on things, and any distress calls will go to them. If the “watcher” fails to answer, the call will divert to a Careline for a charge.

personal gps tracker
personal gps tracker

Technical – Solo personal gps tracker

The PanicGO Solo personal gps tracker currently runs only on smartphones running Android versions 5.0 to 10.0 inclusive, and with Bluetooth 4.0 and upwards. Remember not to block Caller ID. Nor your new dedicated PanicGO Bluetooth Button. Plus, the phone of the Solo user must not be on a PAYG contract which could run out of credit and stop working. It is essential that batteries are maintained in both the phone and the button. To facilitate this, the PanicGO Solo Back Office provides for monitoring of battery levels, both in the lone worker’s phone and in their button.

The Solo user can opt for a 24/7 Careline monitoring package to be used in the event of an activation, or to use designated “watchers” to monitor your movement and receive your calls using their own personal mobile phones. If the “watcher” does not respond, the system will divert the activation to the Careline for a pre-fixed charge.


We do not sell the ownership of our Solo system. Rather we provide a subscription service which links the different elements together, thereby providing significant savings to you as the user. You provide the existing Android phone and SIM card and you nominate your “watchers”. We provide the buttons, the controlling app and the server which tracks Solo users 24/7 and this is covered by the subscription.

Remember, what is not included in the standard subscription is any monitoring by our Careline partner. The Solo user can add 24/7 monitoring to their subscription, or can pay a pre-determined surcharge if the Careline has to receive a diverted call. Please note the distinction between tracking which is simply electronically following your location, and monitoring which involves a human at the Careline. Solo will be released in Spring 2021. For further details and pricing options, please contact us on

personal gps tracker